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Terms & Conditions

  1. Title of any goods purchased does not pass to the buyer and remains the property of Alpha Appliance Repairs until payment is made in full.
  2. Payment for service, labour and parts, if applicable, must be made on the day of service. Unauthorised accounts not paid on the day of service will incur a $20 administration fee.
  3. Payment made by credit card may incur a surcharge of up to 2%.
  4. Alpha Appliance Repairs takes the utmost care when moving appliances for service but do not accept liability for any damage that may occur. Customers may arrange for the appliance to be moved for access prior to service.
  5. Alpha Appliance Repairs is not liable for any food loss.
  6. Acceptance of our goods, service or quotation is an automatic acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  7. All postponements or cancellations of services must be submitted two full working days prior to attendance. Failure to do so in a timely manner may incur cancellation charges.


  1. For all Warranty claims, proof of purchase must be retained and shown on request.
  2. Warranty claims if and when applicable are conditional upon all accounts and payments being in order and fully settled as per our trading terms.
  3. Warranty does not cover misuse of appliance, use of appliance other than as intended by the manufacturer, damage caused by insects or rodents, or no fault found.
  4. Thirty (30) day warranty on service call fee and labour, for the same fault. Any subsequent repair to the same appliance will be at the Customers expense.
  5. Twelve (12) month warranty on parts. Service call and labour charges will apply to fit parts under warranty.
  6. Alpha Appliance Repairs labour and parts warranty is only valid if payment has been received in full.
  7. Alpha Appliance Repairs provides all of the Consumer Guarantees contained in the Competition and Consumer Act to the extent to which they apply to this agreement between you and Alpha Appliance Repairs.
  8. Nothing in these terms and conditions are intended to exclude any applicable Consumer Guarantees.